Spring Mattresses

What’s the benefit of having mattress made with springs for your body?

Spring Mattresses, referred by some as a “Traditional” mattress type is made of steel or metal coils (innerspring) and surrounded by several layers of different materials that provide a foundation of support and comfort.


Spring mattresses with continuous coils rank as less expensive than other mattress types.

Cooler Sleep

Spring mattresses due to the fact of having coils, allow airflow in the mattress and therefore having a good temperature while asleep.


They offer a bouncy feel for those who may prefer this over a “sinking” feel from foam mattresses.

Odour free

The bulk of the material of spring mattresses is steel rather than heavy chemicals and thus not giving off any strong smell.

Compare mattresses made with springs

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People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely do not have a nice mattress at home.

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