Foam Mattresses

What’s the benefit of having foam mattress for your body?

Foam Mattresses are made from a “Viscoelastic” material, this makes them very absorbent of energy and are soft. Foam Mattresses mould to the body in response to pressure, heat while evenly distributing body weight.


Foam mattresses have a long life span and tend to sag less even with age progression.


They are the best for adjustable bed frames since you can easily bend them to the frame’s various positions.

For all sleep positions

Foam mattresses provide a comfortable sleep for multiple sleep positions due to their capability to fill the gaps along the body.

Motion absorber

For the very active sleepers that toss and turn, foam mattresses are excellent in absorbing the motion and not transferring it.

Compare foam mattresses

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People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely do not have a nice mattress at home.

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